The JavaScript Ecosystem in 2019 and Beyond

Every year, the JavaScript ecosystem survey, conducted by npm, Inc., surveys hundreds of thousands of developers from around the globe to assess current trends, use cases and what’s coming next in the world of JavaScript.

The goal of the survey is to learn more about the JavaScript community’s needs and behavior, and to help npm and others in the npm community make better technical choices and serve their users better.

This year, over 33,000 developers participated, providing invaluable insight into how, when and why they use JavaScript, and what their primary goals and concerns are with the code that they use and develop.

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The Enterprise JavaScript in 2019 survey was run from 12/1/18 - 1/8/19. Questions were formulated by npm, in consultation with domain experts.

The survey had 54 questions ranging from basic demographics to in-depth questions about tooling choices, technical preferences, and attitudes towards various professional practices. It received over 33k responses from developers across 23 industries and 194 countries and territories.

Read the full details on our methodology here.

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