About the Enterprise Vulnerability Reporting (EVR) system

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npm, Inc.'s new EVR system combines the expertise, continuous research and constant vigilance of the npm security team with new analytics and reporting functionality, and can generate regular, organization-specific reports on known and emerging threats to a given enterprise’s code base.

From its unique vantage point as  operator of the registry, npm can provide powerful insights to engineering managers, administrators, and corporate security teams, enabling them to make their JavaScript development more reliable and secure. 

The new EVR system is currently in limited-scale beta testing; sign up here to get on the waitlist for a chance to join the beta program in the future.

About npm

npm, Inc. operates the world’s largest software registry, which has been embraced by millions of developers worldwide for client- and server-side applications as diverse as IoT, mobile development, financial services and aerospace.

More than 150,000 companies, including BBC, Coinbase, eBay, Electronic Arts, Nvidia and Slack rely on npm’s products and services to reduce developer friction and build amazing things.